First Quiz

Just finished my first quiz in class, for Design of Distributed Software Applications. To tell the truth, it’s bad, not too bad, but I guess I got 70 out of 100. Actually, it’s not difficult, but I misunderstood one question, and consequently answered wrongly; left another question blank as it was, since I don’t know what to say.

I’m responsible for the outcome, which I have to admit. I did spend the last weekend reviewing the textbook and materials, but my efficiency is very very low. I’m wondering whether I should find a better way of learning. It seems I was always working in the lab or reading sth on the bus, however, when I tried to figure out what I’ve got after being here, the answer would be only some knowledge of basic probability theory for communications.

With a computer nearby, it’s sorts of hard to focus on my current work. I think it might be better to just shut down the dead laptop or desktop, then stick my head to the book, after which I may go outside for a walk or say, take the seabus to north Vancouver for a hiking or sth.

Sth wrong and sth would be corrected soon,

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    面对可以预见的困难,只有 u了。Bless!